Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trip #7

Trip #7
March 9-11
US National Dance Championships
Provo, UT
4 flights
Due to the demands in the office preparing for upcoming events, I couldn't commit to be at the entire event at BYU, but offered to make the trip out for Saturday only. I admit it was a little crazy, seeing that I would be in Provo only 24 hours. After work on Friday I flew to LAX, then LAX to SLC and landed at midnight, drove to Provo and was in the Marriott Center by 8am. I had a few hours break in the afternoon so drove over to Salem to check on Gma and Gpa. Then back to the Marriott Center to present the "Tara Christensen scholarship" and the "Arthur Murray scholarship". Then was on the road at 3:30am to catch a 6am flight back to LAX and to Miami. Of course it was daylight savings day so I lost another hour in there somewhere. It was crazy, however, I never regret the few moments I get to spend at BYU, in the mountains, seeing the folks, etc.

Trip #6

Trip #6 - February 24-27
Livi's Birthday
Houston, TX
2 flights
It just so happened I had this weekend available for another quick trip over to Houston for another birthday party. Since Grammy was in Utah at planning a different celebration, I tried to fill her void. It's hard not to have fun at a 2-year old's birthday party!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trip #5

Trip #5 - February 18-19 - Area Training Meeting - Washington DC

1 flight (and 1 train ride)

After visiting NYC, we took the Amtrak down to Washington DC to attend a regional training weekend for the company. Spent a lot of time visiting with franchisees, dancing a little, and just representing the corporate offices. That's the nations capitol building in the picture, taken from Union Station.

Trip #4

Trip #4 - February 16-17 - Site Insepction - New York City

1 flight

In preparation for our big World Dance-O-Rama next month, my boss and I took a couple days and made a trip to NYC to visit the hotel and get everything in order. Of course we enjoyed visiting the restaurants our participants will visit and see the Broadway show they would attend as well (Sister Act). I ran through Central Park which was fun, although still too cold for me!

Trip #3

Trip #3 - January 27-29 - Leo's Birthday Party - Houston, TX

2 flights

Always fun (& mentally refreshing) to go 'home'. And this time with a great celebration planned!